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Proposal 666

I have vision when the rest of the world wears bifocals, a fact that is legally well documented with time-stamps and the way-back machine, and I occasionally make political recommendations and suggestions that veer into prophecy. The last vision I nailed down involved the combining of schools with prisons – a thing now status quo in many former confederate states and their ilk.

Now, along those lines, another bold proposal.

Today I’d like to suggest a fix to the two propositions currently facing California voters: Propositions 62 and 66. Prop 62 wants to replace capital punishment with life sans parole. Prop 66 wants to speed up the death penalty – get rid of appeals, limit time for stuff, etc.

I voted for both, because I just want something to happen – keeping people on death row for 40 plus years is both expensive and mean. Having families hang out waiting for justice until most of them have been outlived by the convict they are waiting to die seems kind of mean spirited as well. Either way, I say, let’s just get on with it.

But what if, you say, there was another way? A bolder proposal than solves more than one problem, and as a bonus, allows us to torture the condemned outside of our normal, Christian amounts?

I think by combining and modifying the two bills, we could get one bill that would solve the problem at least our lifetimes, maybe more. I call it proposition 666.

First we phase in the two props on the ballot this year – prop 66, then 62 – (the order of implementation is important). We thereby clean out death row by executing everyone who is in death row at the time the law passes. The next step is to execute everyone in prison on life without parole (this is the modification I was talking about).

This modification is the big cost saver, and let’s be honest, life without parole is really just a kind of institutional cruelty that we inflict on people just because we don’t have the balls to eliminate them from the society’s go to list of possibilities in the first place. God knows that after their conviction we will treat them with anger and revenge until they die surrounded by hatefulness and evil, probably in a small room with a fucked up roommate or two.

I’ve never understood why we put people in hellholes of perversity for years – schools of evil and revenge really, and then let them out -- letting them loose on society with bright red marks on their foreheads that keep them forever away from any sort of regular life. Hey, but that’s just me. How we treat people in prisons is the clearest example of how horrible people can be to other people. I guess it’s good we don’t eat them.

American prisons – making fucked up people worse for generations. (suggested moto)

I know of no one from life without parole who has contributed to society – no books, no music, no you tube or blog. The last video from the prison was Richard Speck and his floppy boobies doing drugs from within a maximum security cell – and that helped nobody, probably. That guy who killed Tupac might also be a contributor, but I don’t think all of his appeals are finished yet.

People serving life without parole also serve as a form of instructional memory for prisons. They are the backbone of long term behaviors and structural nastiness that I just don’t think is appropriate for the newer inmates -- those raised in a gentler new America where a be nice to everyone ethic mixed with a dance influenced rhyming have become the norm.

And let’s face it, millennials are going to have to pay for us boomers who didn’t save and took all their money while not doing it. Saving a buck here and there might be the only thing keeping us old folks off the ice flows that may or may not be our near future. Honestly ask yourselves – what is population but a bomb? Think of this as triage – man’s intellectual way of cutting loose the losers, while feeling good about following our misinterpretation of god’s laws. (Well, New Testament anyway – I think we are pretty much right on based on our Old Testament interpretations.)

So, let’s take out the trash -- vote for prop 666! Killing them couldn’t be much worse than how we are treating them now, and we will probably save money.


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