Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Obama State of the Union

Mary wants to watch the President give his final state of the nation speech. It begins, I walk away - unable to listen, and angry at the thought of it all. More pretty words chopped and lined up nice - things I agree with -- well said stuff -all pearls of wisdom, all the direct truth outlining and describing our aspirations as Americans.
Pearls before swine, I think, and not even real pearls, what I see doesn't need real --but the pigs are clearly lining half the houses, shitting frowns and farts -- raising and responding to what they are told in the way they are told. Chalk death outlines I think, markers of ideology -- settings in place for the thieves looting the store, while all of us others watch the whatever it is we're told to.
Mary says the man behind Obama looked sarcastic and bored, she said he was giving the President the back of his head eyeball. He doesn't need to listen, I say, "He is a Republican and already of a mind." I don't need to listen either, being of the Samish mind differently directed. Once there would have been compromise-- we would have realized the prize we were fighting for.
There is no compromise, there is no middle, and no place safe left to meet. There is only a Manichean right and wrong. And everybody knows -- the imp of the perverse is nothing if not clear.
We hope to be saved by an idiot we all agree on. We all agree he is an idiot. There is no back-up plan but this -- If it burns, we start over. This can't continue --when words defy any common agreement on meaning, and science has become but an opinion with proof, there’s no reason to listen to anything or anyone --well-spoken has become nothing more than a manipulative hand job -- sometimes left, sometimes right. It's hard to listen too, and harder to watch.

Satoshi Nakamoto claim

I met a man claiming to be Satoshi Nakamoto outside a building I work at near the SF train station. He asked to talk to me. He was white, 50...