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Jessica Lange

I think that once you have seen, ' The Postman Always Rings Twice ," you can never imagine Jessica Lange as undesirable. I've heard, and seen, reports on her aging but something deep inside of me wants her to be the counter help at that small roadside bakery I plan to retire at.

Zyprexa and Prozac, or, tethered to a fat ball of happy

Zyprexa is a nifty drug that the drug company Lilly put out a few years ago that was, up to now, used primarily for Schizophrenics. Better than most drugs for this condition, it had the one big drawback that Lilly refused to admit – it made skinny people fat and fat people obese. Long used for other conditions, like depression, in what is called an ‘off-label’ use, it has now been authorized for treatment of severe depression. As a user of effexor, a depression med also know for weight gain (though no where near as severe as Zyprexa,) I can only ask if the cure is the disease in this case. Schizophrenia might be worth giving up almost anything to improve – depression might not. Weighing 300 pounds and not being depressed seems very depressing to me. At some point being fat kills ambition, limits freedom and shuts down the willingness to move. Read the link below about Zyprexa – and pharmacy companies in general – and let me know what you think.

On Writing, Probabilities

Much like the electrons of an atom, thoughts spin around my head wildly, randomly and without a place to call their own. ‘ Words are shit, because they put you somewhere else. I’m trying to catch the things that are in between.’ – Steve McQueen Or, much like electrons, I write down what I’m thinking, collapse a wave function, to create a point of view from the bubble of nothing. But the thought is not the fullness of what I’m thinking or the thought itself in full. What is on paper is a slice of time – a spot on place and location that reflects, maybe, the direction things in my head were taking. Or maybe, the point of view comes from a twitch -- just a powerful oomph of dog eat dog movement in my head that claws its way out when the pen hit the paper. When I write a simple declarative statement, it becomes a condensation of a cloud. Probabilities and understandings getting squeezed like toothpaste to form, essentially, a thick point in time. The time gives the point a vi

Ode to Charles Bukowski's Women

"Of course it's possible to love a woman, if you don't know her too well." C. Bukowski Well Done by Mike Brady 3/2009 I enjoy a woman who has been with many men. The stink of lost youth as they put their clothes away at night And the eyes that follow your hands and not your heart Searching for the keys to locks you've hidden away. Though often rubbed to a crispy dry By the wear of innocence as worn from the flesh by time Still the excitable child within, The one that wanted Christmas and couldn’t wait, Still waits, making irritated pearls alone, Ever lost for still believing anymore. Now, the Italian Translation Well Done da Mike Brady Mi piace che le donne sono state con molti uomini La puzza di perdita di giovani sui loro vestiti di notte E gli occhi che seguono le vostre mani e non il tuo cuore Per le chiavi per serrature voi nascondere. Anche se spesso strofinato a un croccante secco Con l'usura di innocenza indossati da ca

Paying for Healthcare

Image via Wikipedia Just some simple thoughts: 1. One out of every five dollars goes to healthcare in the United States. 2. There is no way to lower the cost without lowering the coverage unless you eliminate the middle man – and there will always be a middle man. 3. You already pay for it even if you think you don’t. 4. The only argument is about who is going to pay, and that’s a selfish, circular argument – you already are paying. What you are really asking for is someone to hide the costs better. 5. If you think you are not paying – you aren’t looking. 6. Healthcare is not insurance – if it were, hippies would pay little and republicans the most. (old v. young) 7. If healthcare is not a right, then rationing is the way it’s going to go.