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Paywalls seem obstructionist

Paywalls seem obstructionist “Everything is free now, That's what they say. Everything I ever done, Gotta give it away. Someone hit the big score. They figured it out, That we're gonna do it anyway, Even if doesn't pay.” Gillian Welch I’m running into paywalls on the internet more and more these days. I’m not trying to, it’s just hard to avoid them. I’m not asking for access mind you, these sites are offering access through google and other aggregators, at least they offer until you click the link to get there, then they pull it away with a blocking notice and say you have to pay to play. I’m convinced that the problem is Hedge funds in the process of looting big print journalism, but I digress. Because I’m an American raised with a punishing god, I feel guilty when confronted by a rude message and, in an aggressively outgoing sort of way – think, fuck you, how dare you? I then finger walk away in anger to another news site