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Modest Proposal Part 1

Modest Proposal Part 1 - 2008-06-30 11:30

Modest Proposal #1

For efficient use of limited governmental resources and better economies of scale, consider this:

Fold the dept. of education and the Department of prisons into the Department of defense.

That's what change is all about -- doing things differently.

If you watch the MSNBC prison specials on TV and see the high school graduation rates now that No Child Left behind has taken full effect, (or remember, faintly, the word Haditha) -- you must be ready for this. Especially if you are no longer eligible to join the army because of age or infirmity.

We have confused our next generation with words and titles -- and since they are going to have to pay for our retirements and clean up the messes anyway (plural -- spell check has more of a problem with the concept than we do,) I think that a better structure is needed to channel our bovine-ey children.

The Cow

The Cow

My broad back bent from years of carry the type of weight fat people take for granted.
Strong as an ox Bones compressed Teeth ground to stubs Acres to go before I sleep.
Dependable, steady rocky constant I live without understanding how substantial I am.
I feel with a slow lumber, move with careful steps, and pause the methodical of my life to ruminate.
Things change and the sun rises I do what’s in front of me to do until they eat me.

by Mike Brady