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George Bush in his TBM Avenger on the carrier ...Bush

I am well aware that much of the country does not share my views about Bush. Living in Northern California makes me spoiled and out of touch when it comes to the nations pulse. When I was in Tampa, I remember being astonished when I saw an editorial in support of a policy decision by Bush. It was a major paper, with awards and everything.

I won’t be moving to Tampa any time soon.

In case it’s not clear: I think that Bush is an untreated alcoholic, in over his head and manipulated by people not much smarter than toads, but meaner.

Though aware that other people have a different opinion I not only think that they are wrong – I think they are idiots as well. We have had eight years of Bush land and every single indicator of national well being is worse off now than it was when he started.

And then I read the neo-cons seem to think that the problem is we didn’t go far enough.

It’s not possible for me to hear a person support Bush without socially rubbing them out in my mind. Nothing they can say to me about anything else – movie reviews, dinner spots, sexual positions – nothing gets through to me after they voice support for Bush.

It’s not intolerance, though I believe that tolerance is just learning to put up with other peoples shit until you get used to it, it’s more – it’s a fundamental disagreement about the meaning of life.

I try not to talk politics with people I like in case they say something about Bush and ruin it.

The funny thing is I started feeling that way about people who wanted Hillary to win the democratic nomination…


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