Wednesday, January 22, 2020

We sit in passionate apathy

"You can’t debate with someone who hates you." C. Hitchens 

Reason has become a tool to manipulate you into thinking things are true that you know are not true.

Science and math have become a tools for the wealthy to increase the piles of money they then use to Rent the laws. 

Religion continues to be a form of racist nationalism – a nation built on manufactured words that demand the permanent death of all humans who follow different words.

The more the others believe their truths, the more they need to die.

Welcome to the new hybrid theocracy -- based on the Eastern Orthodox, but with just enough Texas to really pop.

The intellectual framework for western society no longer works for most people – faith has been lost and now ridiculed; common sense beliefs passed down for generations are being discarded while children are being raised as docile pups to be eventually clubbed into the correct forms of submission. We no longer question and answer – we instruct and monitor for deviance.

Those of us with words know this, those less articulate know this as well – and none of us like being called stupid by the clever little bastards that rule us from above.

This is the deep state the right-wing nuts talk about – this is why Trump won the election. The left is now so wrong that the right seems reasonable when they aren’t – and this is where we find ourselves.

The lies don’t matter if you don’t believe in truth.

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