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Top 12 Management Tricks

Top 12 Management Tricks - 2008-07-09 08:37

12 Top worker/management secrets

1. When starting a new job, everyone fakes it and hopes they won't get caught. It's a race to get enough competence before being found out. If a monkey could do your job, they would have hired a monkey -- it takes time to learn something new.

2. After being at a new job for a bit -- you will look back and laugh at how much of a goofball you were.

3. If mistakes are not part of the learning process and encouraged by the management, employees will learn to hide their mistakes instead of learning from them.

4. If an employee is hiding something that is work related, unless they are sociopaths, they will be afraid of being found out.

5. The fear of being found out is worse than being found out.

6. People in fear try different things to cope -- most of them bad for business. The biggest problem is distraction -- they look for other people’s problems to take to focus off theirs. This leads to back biting and tension in the workplace.

7. If people don't like going to work, they will tell your customers in very clear ways that are hard to define.

8. Anal retention people are found in the psychology books as obsessive-compulsive. They are sick people who need help, not pats on the back. They do a lot of work though, so you have to ask yourself the moral question -- should I help the person even if it hurts the business? And -- they drive normal people both nuts and away -- in this case you reap what you sow.

9. Management is not your friend -- they see the big picture, and you are not in it -- well, someone is, but it doesn't have to be you.

10. Labor is not your friend either -- they are trying to keep it all to themselves -- they will 'tier' the salary for new people at the drop of a hat. They want to keep you out.

11. Being a hard ass works -- but you can't let up for a minute. and it really wears on your body and mind. And no one likes you.

12. Don't see what you don't want to see, but always remember it for later.

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