Thursday, July 10, 2008

About Me

About Me - 2008-07-10 08:36

About Me

I am a slow learner with the curse of appearing competent. I don't know a thing until I know a thing, which leads to dramatic lurches in my day to day life.

I am a 54-year old ex-nurse, ex-husband now taking the slow road to self-fulfillment by doing the one thing in life that has given me real joy-- writing.

Sometimes I write something that no other human could (or would.) I look at what I've put on paper and wonder at the mystery of its birth.

I write for myself -- to please and tickle the bones that make me. Naturally, this makes me more a poet than a writer.

I still believe that words can say things that can't be said by words.

I have been around the block a few times and tend to think in terms of life-as-a-second language program. I have been, and am currently in, an extensive and lengthy mid-life crisis. It may go on forever.

My jobs, which really are the color of life, have ranged from Navy Corpsman to registered nurse to Tire installer. I currently work as a security supervisor, a job that I have no innate abilities at, but, the hours are good, and it's fun like a hobby. When I grow up I'm thinking of selling insurance to old people.

As a child I grew up as an Army brat. I moved every three years for the first 18 years of my life. I learned to have three year relationships with people-- one to meet, one to be comfortable, and one to say goodbye.

I've lived in San Jose for 30 years, so have had to make some adjustments.

But I feel pretty good today -- and that's a start.

(2017 Ed. --This is another school exercise)

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