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Bush 2

Bush 2

I think that my last post was a little harsh and would like to explain and expand on it.

I love my sister, Kate, and even though she lives in Texas and supports Bush, I would never turn my back on her or her family. I Support my land lord --another Bush fellow, and someone I value as a friend.

I talk to both of them and listen to what they say.

There are always two sides to things. In a perfect world, I'd listen to the argument, find things in common, make sure my values were defended, and meet as half way as possible in something called compromise. I would not be happy, but could live with the result.

It's like brunch -- when it works right.

What has happened in the last 8 years:

I know the decisions have been made before my opinion is asked.
No attempt is made to cushion the blow -- it's like I'm thought too stupid to notice, or too insignificant to bother coming up with an excuse.
It's the big lie approach that I learned in school -- Goebbels et al.
It's divisive on purpose -- they are trying to piss me off.

When dealing with people, things are not absolute or perfect. As Americans we have always had the nack of taking strange poles of thought and bringing them to the mainstream -- defanging them. We bring everything back to the middle -- it has always been our strength, for good or bad.

So, fuck Bush, fuck Rove -- let's turn them over to the world court for a show trial and appropiate punishment, then get back to being Americans again.


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