Wednesday, July 23, 2008

God Bless America

God Bless America - 2008-07-23 08:49

God Bless America

I work with mostly people from other countries. They all. to a person, think that this is the best place on earth, though they also think Bush is an idiot.

Daniel thinks the best part is that we get to fail spectacularly, and still get to have a life. Reza thinks that having religion not be a part of government is the secret. Fatima is happy to work -- to actually get a choice to be a cop rather than the nurse her parents want her to be.

The regular white guys just show up and complain, a lot.

Sometimes we see only the problems, not the fact that in the problems also lies the solutions if faced honestly and truthfully. It's always the first step.

In my life I have failed, cried like a baby, gotten depressed for months, then got up and done things a little differently -- and with a new chance, made a new life. It has taken hard work and some very uncomfortable situations, but it got done.

Americans work hard when they have to, see and face mistakes when they have to, know how to start again when they need to -- all because we live in a place that has taught us and allowed us to be ourselves as individuals no matter how many fucking times we disappoint. We are expected to get up -- it's American to get up.

Like my Mom has always said -- 'it's never over."

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