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Pork and Raspberries

Pork and Raspberries - 2008-07-11 13:34

(Update 2017 -- it's still happening, I think, NAFTA?)

I have been finding raspberries and blackberries everywhere I go and everyplace I eat. I wonder what's up with that. They are kind of tasteless in a Safeway store all-is-bland way, but, they never have mold on them, the berries are tight and pretty plump and the shiny color looks good as well-- almost fresh, if I wasn't suspicious.

It is starting to remind me of the great pork fest of '94, when bacon appeared on every fast food menu -- even Canadian was cheap.

But then the floods came and the swinish sewage dams broke in the Carolina's, and neighbors were stink-ed out of their homes in most of west Texas that wasn't owned by the chemical companies -- it all stank too much to even drive by on a slow road.

I think it was the pig pee dams that got me off the pork and on the fruit...

But that all came later, after the lure of cheap pork and the seductive smell of inexpensive carnitas had fattened me up on the other white meat. I was rolling in pork -- McRib’s and all. It was as if pigs had a 100% import duty on them and then the Republicans had swept into office and opened a backdoor to the rest of the worlds swine-- more pork than you could shake a stick at, All pork all the time...A lasting reminder of that '94 congress and a living reminder of their promises nailed to democracy's outhouse door.

I think it must have been like after the great depression when everyone started eating chicken, only better, because it was in color and I was living it.

I'm not too sure how this berry thing is going to play out over the next year or so. It might have come as a last gasp set-up by a failed president, or maybe just a good year for fruit -- time will tell.

After all -- The cranberry thing worked out well a couple of years ago, except my damn pee smells funny.


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