Tuesday, July 15, 2008



It has taken me a while to figure it out.

Gas prices have doubled along with happy meals, the dollar is worth a third less and my paycheck has not changed.

Inflation is only inflation if I make more money, otherwise it's just considered a good business practice.Prices can go up as much as they want to as long as the average worker's pay remains the same.

Thank god we got rid of unions, otherwise we would be in a mess of stagflational hurt -- that's the difference between now and the go slow 70's-- we can't match up and keep even with business anymore -- people lose, but we stay competitive with the world.

We are becoming right sized as a nation, a low cost exporter of goods and services to an more affluent world.

Oil costs a little more -- but mostly, our money is worth less.

Food and commodities cost a little more due to demand, but really, our money is worth less.
Try to find really good cherries this year -- the kind of killer cherries you wait for every June, and search local markets for. You can't find them because they've all been shipped to Japan -- not because they pay more -- but because their money is worth more.

Four more years of this crap and we'll be selling yellow cake to the Saudi's for spare oil to fuel our torches.

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