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Modest Proposal Part 2

Modest Proposal Part 2 - 2008-07-01 08:06

Part 2 of a Modest Proposal for change

( 2017 ed. -- It's remarkable how accurate these proposals have become.)

The idea -- folding the departments of education and prisons into the Defense department.

The new name --Department of Lifelong Learning
 How it works:

-- All children enter school at the age of five. They are evaluated for potential and given a learning tract to follow. They return home at the end of the day for parenting with their natural parents.

Exceptions -- Children whose parent’s incomes are below the poverty line -- they are promoted to a live-in status at the campus. Parents whose incomes are greater than %90 of the population may opt out of system by posting a large non-refundable bond. (To be determined) They may also choose to substitute their child with another of lower economic status to fulfill the requirement.

-- At average puberty, a standardized, No Child Left Behind, testing process will be given to every student. The test will not take any longer than 48 consecutive hours to complete, all will include a physical fitness requirement.

Tracts will be updated based on the testing results.
(low scoring children will at this time be opted out of the educational requirements and, based on fitness, be assigned to the following educational sub-categories:)

-- Reform school
-- ROTC -- labor brigades
-- McDonald's or equivalent

Children opted out at this point will be reevaluated at the age of 17 for further tract modification.

All other children will continue along the educational career path, with the focus of either Shop class, or science. Some reading will be allowed, but not encouraged.

At graduation, or the age of 16 -- whichever comes first, all students will be evaluated and sentenced to the job they have qualified for:

-- Advanced science studies and engineering
-- Prison
-- Military

All sentences will be open-ended, but a review process will be put in place to ensure reviews at least every 5 years, or as needed.

By making simple the complexity of growing up and standardizing we will all be more comfortable knowing that our cash cows are either being groomed for financial success, and taxed, or removed from the system to avoid having us see them hanging out in malls terrorizing us.

Remember -- children are our future -- let's protect our investment.


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