Tuesday, October 28, 2008

10 questions for today

10 Questions to ask yourself today

1. Why do you think poor people don’t have money?
2. What would Jesus really do?
3. Is health care a right or a responsibility?
4. If health care is a responsibility and you are not very responsible, should you die?
5. If we hit someone because we think they are a threat – do they have the right to hit us back, and if so, how hard and with what?
6. If every month we spend more than we make, what are our expectations?
7. If we warehouse people in jails for crimes and treat them like dogs, what do we think will happen when we let them out?
8. Did you actually learn anything in high school other than social norms?
9. Do you really think that most people in Cuba would have been better off if Batista had stayed in power?
10. Do you really think that the children of the Boomers are going to let them keep the money?

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