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Eat the Rich!

Eat the Rich

The famous Deadboys of New York had one great album. It ended with them chanting, "eat the rich.' (It also had a song about love with the chorus of, 'I don't need your love babe; I need lunch," but that's a different blog.)

The well off generationally (or, gene -- rationally) forget that their way of life depends on the forbearance of the poor. When the huddled masses get pissed, they join Lord of the Fly book clubs and lift cars off of accident victims -- they go bat shit crazy, in a superhuman way. The weight of them can make grease spots our of those that have too much.

The rich have always known this -- as they age, they remember in their bones that flashing wealth and forgetting to throw bread to the rabble will get them rubbed out. But they are human, and with time, greed gets them and they suck the milk from the cow of humanity too hard and the nipples pop.

Gates, Pinkerton's, mace, legislation and the customs of religion only tame the beast in the best of times. All of us little people know that if we don't get a cut, no one will.

Eat the rich!!


Anonymous said…
I love this. It's you at your best. And after 4 years, who would know better than me?

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