Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Last Debate

The Last Debate

I was watching the debate last night, and after it was all said and done, except for the vapor toads of the ether who continued droning on and on about this and that -- mostly to take up space and occupy weight and, maybe, master time, I eventually noticed an ‘instant’ poll at the bottom of my TV for each network. It was visually scrolling underneath the blather as I randomly shifted channels looking for a House episode I hadn’t seen yet.
MSNBC, snarky and biased, noted a 59-30 split between Obama and McCain; CNN displayed a more balanced 53-33. Fox, fair and balanced popped off a 93-7 split for McCain.
During the debate I remember, I twanged at something, something that was not remarked upon by the floating face bones of goo in all their blathering. It was when McCain categorically denied that he would use any litmus test (abortion,) in nominating Supreme Court Justices. He said he only would nominate men who followed the constitution, and not their whims. He slipped in that any candidate that supported abortion, however, would not be following the constitution as he saw it.

The shorter answer would be, ‘Absolutely not…yes.’
I worked as a case manager for a hospital years ago. Lifeguard was a popular insurance at the time and many of the patients we admitted used them. They advertised that they covered, ‘100% of all covered procedures.” When patients were refused coverage for hospitalization they would come to me and ask why. I always had to explain to them that if their problem was covered by Lifeguard, they wouldn’t have to pay a penny – but since they didn’t cover much, I need a deposit before we could admit them.

What I heard McCain say was: he was open to all suggestions, unless they conflicted with what he had already decided.
I voted today. It’s a secret.

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