Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Same thing, Except different

I am not that good at letting people know what’s going on with me – never have been; doubt I’ll change.
So – this is an update to all who read this, maybe not the stuff in my head that makes it smoke on cold days, but the where, and a few facts – hopefully illustrated with marginal pictures.
Fired on Friday last – for being me – the best me possible under extended exposure and grinding. Signed up for the State tit on Saturday, and on the road today.

Left early and zipped through San Jose. Stopped at Harris Ranch, off Highway Five, a couple of hours later – just in and out with Tri-tip. Noticed the Hollister cut-off on 152 had been finished – good work state.
Thought for the morning – “They torture wine to make it better – why not people”
(Well... because they are people.)
Cut over to 99 at the Lost Hills exit and managed to drive straight through to Boron.

Boron is a place that I’ve passed over the years on the Freeway—it always looked like a residential, planned community of flat topped houses from the Fifties – a West Coast version of Levittown.
I took the business exit through town and stopped at the Boron Museum – cool complete with blue haired ladies that liked to talk – I sort of listened, and then left.
I got off the main road to go slower and check out some old spots I half remember from earlier trips through Barstow. That’s what the cop picture is for -- 1st ticket in 15 years – time to pay for all my sins uncounted – though I was going slower than my dad at the time this happened. Bad work state.

I fumed to Needles – got some sugar and a coke – then off to Arizona.
I’m here (Kingman) and going to get my dinner – then TV, unless the fates arrange some other entertainment.


Ricky Nigro said...

Ah Mike, definitely keep the camera going.

A ticket! A ticket! Wow, god does get off torturing you!

I couldn't answer when you called because all the bitches were sitting right here....

Looking at the pictures is really making me want to walk out right now, push the little VW to 80, and meet you somewhere out there.

Don't forget about my post card(s)!

3637 Snell Ave Spc 54
San Jose, CA 95136

Do come back Mike...you can't stay gone tooo terribly long, k?

Steve said...

Man, how change is inevitable...
You take 2 days off and then ?!?!!

I must say, I envy you at this time. I always wanted to just "hit the road!"

The ticket part sucks though...

Well, I'll try to check your blog often. Seems really cool!!

Oh, by the way, this place (JOB) sucks... can't wait to leave..

Pancho said...


If you would've said something, i could've joined! ;-)
Looks like a lot of fun...hope you are enjoying your time. I envy you brotha.

Come back in time for the game!!!

- Chirag

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