Monday, March 15, 2010

Act of Faith (The dance mix)

Act of Faith (The dance mix)

A dissolute fool,
Old in fashion and in sensed
Bound tight by the mathematics of lust
A slave made solid through the lash,
Still handcuffed to the bow of painted lips.

I recall in fumes
Staring out windows through closed blinds
Waiting for the burn of light and the flash
Of electric more.
You are tattoos I remember to forget.

I want to erase the stain you left on me,
In those silent storms and coke binged nights 
Of ozoned static, as the fever ticked off time.
Tied to the mast on an sea without end
To drift until breached onto half hidden shoals,
As  rendered pilings -- the offerings of the burnt.

I'm an old man now
Slow and steady.
The noise of movement
Pains me early in the day.

The marks you left on me remain
Felt in baths and on the touch of
A leather back -- those uncut knots;
Those livid scars … and still,
You encripple my every breath.

Mike Brady 2004/2010

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