Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sonnet II

This is more structured than usual for me. Hint -- the turn is in the rime. Purists may note the rhyme scheme does not follow Spencer, but since I live in California I'm special. Mike (a-a,b-b v. a-b,a-b)

Her singing voice was lush, yet spare and haunting,
Though talk of Jesus left me strangely wanting
A crutch is fine, but few enjoy the crippled
And yet she speaks of life as very simple.
Her raft of  faith  tied safely to the shore
From a bride of Christ the art expects much more.

Her wish to find with song life everlasting
In haunted gods and other things pre-casted
From simple clay  transformed by other hands 
In crippling haste to show god's law to man.
Go step from shore and leave the sure of light
Forget the more of god and face your life.

To take and seize the power that’s inside you;
To dance upon the dust that will become you.

Mike Brady 2010

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