Thursday, April 15, 2010

Income Tax Day

I’ve spent the morning absolutely not in deep thought or careful meditation. I’ve spent it doing my income taxes. I may never write again.

My taxable income was $17k, and, based on this amount, I owe the Federal Government $1,929.00. Most of this was deducted, thankfully, from the job I had for a few months last year. I only have to pay $230. I could make payments, but the fee to set up a payment plan is $110.

I am going down the hall to the community printer in my building after I finish my writing this to steal some paper and print out my return. I will then mail it later today, with a check I hope the IRS doesn’t cash too fast. I’m also hoping they give out free hot dogs at the Post Office like they did last year.

Most of my income was unemployment compensation this year, which was made taxable in order to balance some imaginary budget dreamed of by Congress, or, maybe they just thought that people without jobs needed some extra motivation that only debt could provide. It seems a form of piling on to me, but, as they say, “baby needs new shoes.”

The outlook for my State tax return is better, sort of,  and my return should be $410. I owe $460 from last years bill, so it’s a really a wash. I’m assuming they will bill me the difference, or maybe just arrest me at one of those random traffic stops they use to catch drunk drivers and Mexicans.

I’m paying 11% of what I make in Federal income tax, and for what I’m paying, I get a pretty good return – roads, health care (VA), police and fire protection – and other stuff almost as good.

It’s still not much fun to do, but it’s done.

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