Friday, April 16, 2010

Then and Again, the dance mix

Then and Again

I’ve been out where the big ships float,
Both the container and the car.
I’ve met men at spots not marked on maps
On cold nights without clouds to cover.
I’ve sailed without the safety of an engine
In a quarter moon of light.
Helm steadied by a simple compass,
No promise of mercy
If found by the storm.

From this, I have borne away treasure and feasted.
I've seen the green flash off the still of the sea.
I've bled on stained carpet in the dark of a morning
And still looked for more in a fire of need.

And even dead of desire,
I still ask for more --  
To come back as an image
On the face of a stone.

There is the true and the false in everything,
All is measured by the weight of your bones.

Mike Brady 2010

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