Friday, April 23, 2010

There is No Plural for Pajama

There is No Plural for Pajama

Your pajamas want you back,
They miss you, (not in words,
They are not capable of speech.)
As they fold under your pillow,
Poking out; an inanimate lament.

I think...
Your shampoo is starting to leak
Thickly teared bubbles…
And your soap!
Don’t get me started on your soap!
I don't think your soap will make it.

Your coffee is getting cold
And I don't think that cream was a good idea
I already see a milky film
And it may go the way of the soap,
Maybe even sooner.

When you get back, it might just be me
Waiting with arms open
Holding a cold pajama
For you to warm.

Mike Brady 2005/10


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